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The Office of Research and Grants focuses on the development and management of research initiatives and grants, which entails providing a range of research resources to foster stakeholder scholarly engagement, supporting the university's broader research training and development, and promoting grant tracking and compliance monitoring.

GRAND CANYON UNIVERSITY is a doctoral/professional university (Carnegie Classification) that supports and promotes a wide array of student and faculty research. Aligned with the Boyer Model of Scholarship, GCU embraces the scholarship of:

  • teaching and learning
  • integrative community-based endeavors
  • applied scholarly initiatives
  • innovative discovery research

Our thriving research community includes faculty scholars, emerging doctoral student researchers, industry partnerships and a wide range of collaborative undergraduate faculty-student research teams. We support faculty scholarship across all domains with a particular emphasis on the scholarship of teaching and mentoring student curiosity. This integrated approach reflects our commitment to both student learning and our growing scholarly community.

To promote scholarly inquiry, GCU hosts state-of-the-art laboratory and simulation equipment, dedicated support for grant-funded and industry-sponsored research and opportunities to apply newly gained knowledge to serve others in ways that promote human flourishing.

The university publishes five peer-reviewed, academic journals per year to advance the scholarship of teaching and learning, reflective practice, community engagement and biblical studies.

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