Evaluation of Applications

Evaluation of Applications

Applications must be submitted through the official Academic Conference Funding application. 

They then undergo a rigorous review process, which includes the college Dean, other relevant members of GCU's leadership and a faculty committee. 

The faculty committee consists of representatives from all colleges will determine award based upon : the type of presentation, Dean and administrative recommendations of conference impact to GCU, number of conferences applicant has attended using grant during calendar year, number of presenters and amount of funding available.  In case of equal merit, preference will be given to full-time faculty, those applying for an virtual conferences with an oral presentation, and those that have not received a recent SoTL  Funds.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis; however, decisions are issued according to the timeline below:

Application Deadline 

Notification By

December 1

December 15

March 1

March 15

June 1

June 15

September 1

September 15

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