Canyon Creative Lab

Canyon Creative Lab Overview

Throughout the past 6 years, Canyon Creative has been a successful student club within the College of Arts & Media. The student group has created projects that assist a variety of clients. They include businesses, local NFPs, and campus academic departments, by providing care and understanding to best meet their unique design needs. Students who join Canyon Creative earn a sense of belonging among the college’s creative community. In addition, Canyon Creative is an academic creative leader and active participant in the Honors College Symposium. Professionally, the group partners with campus businesses like Canyon Promotions, which offers design services such as graphic print production, web design, advertising, copywriting, social media, motion graphics, and film. A dedicated 12-month Faculty Advisor and additional support lead our members, accessible through full-time faculty consultation on a professional level. Canyon Creative members mentor students within the department through our tutoring program to help develop students to their highest potential. Holistically, we want to form students who serve their community by shifting the focus to the gifts God gave them, and not purely their own self-interest.

Christopher Murphy[email protected]
Chris is an Assistant Professor of Design and has more than 20 years in advertising, graphic and web design, focusing on brand development. He has designed for such agencies and brands as SELF & GLAMOUR Magazine, Intel, Tiffany & Co., MRM Worldwide, Center at Cain and 5 Stones.

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