Doctoral Studies Lab

Doctoral Studies Lab Overview

The Doctoral Studies Lab is focused on empowering doctoral learners to embark on an enriching journey of scholarship and discovery, blurring the boundaries of a traditional doctoral program and doctoral-practitioner experience.

Our primary focus is to provide an immersive and personalized experience for doctoral learners, allowing them to seamlessly integrate rigorous research endeavors into their dissertation work. Guided by a team of experienced faculty mentors, our lab offers a unique platform for students in practitioner doctoral programs to embrace the depth and breadth of a more traditional doctoral experience.

A cornerstone of our approach is the emphasis on collaborative mentorship. In the Doctoral Studies Lab, students forge strong bonds with their mentors, benefiting from one-on-one guidance that nurtures their intellectual growth and research capabilities. This personalized mentorship not only aids in refining research questions and methodologies but also assists in honing critical analytical skills essential for contributing meaningfully to their chosen fields.

One of the distinguishing features of our lab is the opportunity for doctoral learners to engage in scholarly publishing before their graduation. We believe that this early exposure to the publication process empowers students to articulate their findings effectively, engage with academic discourse, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge. Our lab provides a nurturing environment where students receive support throughout the publication process, from conceptualization to submission, ensuring that their research gains the recognition it deserves.

Roselyn Polk[email protected]

Tyler Sheppard[email protected]
Dr. Tyler Sheppard has been an adjunct faculty member in GCU's College of Doctoral Studies for 6 years. Dr. Sheppard completed his Ph.D in 2016 and is now a proud alumni of Grand Canyon University. Along with his work in the GCU classrooms, Dr. Sheppard works as the Deputy Director of Behavioral Health for a mental health organization that covers 25,000 square miles. Dr. Sheppard is married to his wife Chelsea and they have four daughters together.

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