Site Authorization


Faculty and staff researchers interested in conducting research with GCU students, staff and/or faculty must submit a Site Authorization Application describing the purpose and scope of the research, duration of the study, target population, dean and/or department endorsement, impact on GCU operations and resources, data use and potential benefit to the University. 

For GCU faculty and staff applications, dean and/or department endorsement is required. To ensure efficient processing of your application, please ensure that documentation (e.g., an email or letter) is included in the application showing this approval has been obtained prior to submission. 

Site Authorization is required prior to submission of IRB application. Please review the Procedure for Approval to Conduct Research at GCU describing the process and requirements for obtaining site approval. If approved, site authorizations are valid for one year from date of approval.

Please note that as of March 2021, GCU is temporarily placing a moratorium on research that involves surveying students.

This form applies only to use of GCU data, not any of our university partners.

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