Eligibility, Application and Decision Questions

Who is eligible for Academic Conference Funds?

Briefly, full time GCU faculty, as well as doctoral faculty who have been accepted to present at an academic conference are eligible. Here are more Guidelines to review.

Where are the Academic Conference Funds?

The Academic Conference  Funds are the new name for the Scholarly Engagement Funds. Previously, the funds were limited to SoTL scholarship; however, funding is now available for SoTL and disciplinary-related conference presentations.

Do you offer funds for adjuncts?

At this time, funding is only available to full time faculty and CDS faculty. 

I missed the application deadline, but have been invited to present at a conference. May I still be considered?

Please apply. If funds remain, you may still be considered for the funds.

Is there a limit to how much funding can I receive?

You may apply for as many conferences as you like within the following guidelines:

The maximum award amount per conference is $1500.

The maximum award per applicant is $3000 per year (July-June).

When will I be notified of my application status? 

Due to the competitive nature of the funds, applications are reviewed  according to the schedule below.


Application Deadline 

Notification By

December 1

December 15

March 1

March 15

June 1

June 15

September 1

September 15

What are the standards used to determine funding award winners?

See: Evaluation of Applications

What is the Faculty Research Advisory Board?

This committee is comprised of faculty members across the university. It is responsible for determining Conference Funding 

Are international conferences eligible for funding?

As of March 2023, yes

My conference registration date is before the funding notification date. What should I do?

While we do what we can to get decisions out prior to a conference registration deadline, we still follow the review schedule. This means we cannot guarantee that a decision will be made prior to the registration deadline. If you will be attending the conference regardless of receiving the funds or not, you may book the registration. Should you receive the funds, you are eligible for reimbursement up to the amount listed in your approval email, less travel costs. Otherwise, if you would not attend the conference without  funding, please do not register for the conference relying on funding.

I need help completing the application

See additional instructions here

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